Today We Love: Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees

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People who have studied in Delhi University would agree to the fact that the faculty of Literature of women’s colleges have some of the most fashionable women. They have a very ethnic fashion sense which they love to fuse with western fashion. Or, they would team up cotton and/or silk sarees with bold statement pieces of jewellery and look absolutely in vogue. Some of them would wear a saree without any jewellery at all, tie their hair back in a loose bun, slip in to flats and Viola! They are ready to make heads turn.



The fact I love that fashion is not because it’s utterly beautiful and posh, but also because it’s effortlessly chic and simple at the same time. It’s a no fuss fashion and you can run your errands without a problem. I’d suggest each one of you should grab one of these beautiful drapes and try the look I described above. GET BHAGALPURI SILK Sarees Here!!!



Bhagalpuri Silk was just another dying tradition from Bihar in the past, till lately, the fashion designers showed a keen interest in the gorgeousness of this fabric and started using it for their creations. Now, even London and Paris, the fashion capitals of the world are are admiring this silk. And, why not, it’s one of the most graceful fabrics I have ever come across.



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