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While Vanessa Hudgens may be having all fun in the sun, it doesn’t mean that we can’t take a cue from her trend for the cold weather we’re facing here.

This starlet has risen to being a style icon in such a short span of time and its mainly because of her want and need to experiment with fashion. You needn’t fear what people may say or if you get stared at. Besides, isn’t fashion all about standing out and being different?

So how can you take this look and turn it into a winter wear? Super simple! Just add on a pair of stockings or leggings and you’re totally good to go! Maybe a scarf would be a good addition but cling on to knee and thigh high boots! They are attention grabbers and a total MUST-have! Keep it hip and bohemian and add a lot of jewelry especially necklaces. A statement cuff bracelet would definitely give you brownie points!

From young style icons, we now move on to the Queen of fashion – Sarah Jessica Parker where she does easy winter chic in a striped sweater.

¬†Again, this is an easy look that can turn into your most comfortable winter wear. While SJP is wearing it with a dress/skirt, you can team it with trousers, jeans or even shorts and stockings. This look is comfortable for the winter days when you HAVE to get out of the house but don’t really want to make an effort to be too stylish.

You can grab these sweaters from instantly and be a trend setter! All these knits are from International Attire and its at FLAT 70% off!

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