Shop Focus: Aadro Bags. Style it like Blake Lively.


 Aadro now comes prepared with their own line of handbags for women. Classy, elegant, luxurious and totally affordable, you can definitely make one your own.

The Ostrich leather has a fabulous texture that has been famously used by Paco Rabbane and Hermes on many occasions. Of course, keeping in mind Animal rights and PETA, the use of leather is being cut down and Ostrich leather is not easy to get.

It is because of its texture that it gives the amazing look. Aadro’s line of bags has retained the exact look of the Ostrich leather is brilliant colours and we’re blown away by it. It is a perfect handbag for the ladies.

In the newest season of Gossip Girl, It girl Serena Van Der Woodsen [acted out by Blake Lively] is seen around town carrying her gray ostrich leather bag. As always, her style mantra is a casual, free-sprited flow of clothes. Unfortunately, it isn’t summer anymore so we’ve got to layer up. But that doesn’t mean that we write off being stylish.

In fact, when winter cometh, fashionistas are always on a high rise! Its strange how seasons really do affect fashion!

For today, why don’t you try out these new range of hand-bags by Aadro that can be found on FashionandYou? And oh yes. Before I forget. We always have amazing deals on everything in our shop, including the Aadro line. So become a member and grab the hottest deals [that you never thought was possible!!] possible with us today!

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