How To Wear Combat Boots


12 noon, bright warm sun and yet, stand under the shade and the weather seems perfectly pleasant. Suddenly, hot cappuccino is totally winning the game over chilled soda and beer. While watching television last evening, I had to get up and switch off the fan (although for a little while). How many more signs do I need to understand that the winter’s gonna kick in full on anytime now. Excited? Well, you have got all the reasons to. Apart from the comforting feel of the quilt and warm bright pleasant afternoons when you would love to step out of the house for a walk in the garden or just share oranges and a bowl full of ‘Gajar Ka Halwa‘, and many more reasons to desperately wait for the winters, BOOTS just take away the award without doubt. Don’t you think so? We love our boots like we love nothing else. (That reminds me of a guy friend who once asked me “what is it about girls and boots? I just don’t get it”. I said, “Can’t explain, you ain’t a girl, you won’t understand anyway).



We thought of equipping you with your winter must-haves a few weeks early. One should be prepared all the time. Last minute purchase is never advisable. So, go take a look at the hot and sexy boots from Carlton London at our shop today (upto 60% off). And, before you go, take a note of how you can wear those oh-so-hot Combat Boots (yeah, we have got those babies in our shop as well). We love the way Jessica Alba does it! 3 ways, totally cool and easy to carry while still maintaining the hotness quotient.


With Skirt & Leggings: Leggings made a huge come back last winter and seems like they are here to stay this year as well. Team up your short skirts (the shorter, the hotter) with your favorite pair of leggings and combat boots. The perfect balance between the ‘adorable-sweetheart’ and ‘don’t-mess-with-me’ look is simply irresistible.


With Skinny Denims: You have to have more than one pair of skinny denims in your wardrobe. They are so versatile that you just fall in love with those sexy things. Apparently, combat boots (and almost all other kinds of boots) look their best with skin hugging jeans. They lend you the tough girl look that never goes unnoticed. Wear it while you are out for some lone time (they say, the tough girl look really works to keep the desperate guys away :-P )


With Cropped Shorts: Very hot and flirtatious, this look is for all the girls who are blessed with sexy long & toned legs and hell yeah well aware of the same. If you are a few steps away from being blessed, there’s time, you can get on the treadmill right now.



Well, now you know how you can wear those super trendy Combat Boots. Any queries – just shoot an e-mail to me at Get all your style essentials at


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