How to dress for an interview


An interview is as much about personal presentation as it is about your resume. Your attire reflects your work attitude and when you walk into your potential office, looking sloppy can mean instant rejection. So here’s a simple list of DOs and DON’Ts to help you nail that dream job:




Buy a variety of shirts in solid colours (white, grey and navy blue are always safe bets)


Get a pair of black tapered pants. Keep those crazy red pants where they belong (hidden in the deepest recesses of your closet!)


Buy a basic pair of leather lace-ups. Keep them simple; unnecessary detailing does not look professional.


Make sure your shoes are polished and your clothes are ironed before you leave your home.


Get a black or brown belt (yes, it does need to match your shoes!). Opt for a low profile belt-buckle.




Wear bright colours unless your out cycling at night (getting run over by errant trucks doesn’t impress employers… but then again, if you’re looking for a night-time job and your only means of getting around is a bicycle, you have bigger problems)


Buy pleated pants. They may be more comfortable but they look sloppy!



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