HOW TO DRAPE A SAREE in 10 easy steps


Although it might seem like rocket science to some, draping a saree can be as easy as making an omlette (i am terrible at making an omlette!) Follow our 10 simple steps to draping a basic saree.


1.¬†Petticoat¬†– Find a petticoat that matches the colour of your saree exactly. If it’s lighter, your saree will also look a shade lighter. The same applies to a darker petticoat.

Tip: Semi fitted petticoats make you look slimmer.


2. Lay out your saree and figure out which side is inside and which is the outer. The Pallu ofcourse will be the outer side and the other end, the inner.


3. Hold the inner end of the saree in your left hand around your waist.


4. Make sure the hem is touching the floor and tuck the inner end border into your petticoat.


5. Pass the saree onto the front. Maintain the same height so that the hem is even.


6. Keep the top edge level and tuck in a little to keep the saree in place (safety pin at this point)


7. Start folding the pleats from right to left while holding the edge of the saree.


8. Hold all the pleats together and tuck them into the petticoat (make sure the length of the saree remains the same and the hem is even) (safety pin the pleats to your petticoat)


9. Bring the saree around your body.


10. Hold it in your right hand and pass over the left making sure the border is even.


11. Drape on your left shoulder. Here, you can either let the border sit on your shoulder and let the rest fall casually. Or, following the pleat lines, create pleats on your shoulder and let the pallu fall in a thin strip.


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