GET THE LOOK: Deepika Padukone / Veronica from the movie Cocktail


We’ve all been waiting in anticipation for this Bollywood Blockbuster and I myself have been hooked to the trailers, songs and most of all, fashion! The introduction of pretty girl Diana Penty, and sexy new look of Bollywood’s own wild girl, Deepika Padukone promise to make this movie an assured hit!


Today, we’re telling you how to get Veronica’s aka Deepika’s look from the movie Cocktail:


1. How to get Beachy Waves: A core factor in Deepika’s Boho look are her super chic yet very natural wavy hair.


STEP 1: Loosely curl your hair with a curling iron. Don’t own one? Get it the natural way. Braid you hair tightly into a single plait and leave it braided for a few hours.


STEP 2: Squeeze some hair serum into your hands and lightly scrunch your hair at different parts to give it that messy bed head look.


STEP 3: Spray a gentle amount of hairspray onto your messy curls to complete the look.


Style Tip: Go bold and add light brown highlights to your hair to get the full beachy look.



2. How to make the Messy Braid: The messy braid is very in right now and Deepika knows how to rock the look.



STEP 1: Curl your hair very loosely.


STEP 2: Back comb your hair from the crown of your head leading down. Leave the ends uncombed but smooth.


STEP 3: Braid you hair starting from your chin and tie at the end.


STEP 4: Spray your hair with a generous amount of hairspray.


Style Tip: Deepika uses multiple coloured rubberbands to secure her braid. (Read More on how to perfect the messy braid)


3. How to use Bronzer to look sexier: Deepika may naturally have a bronze skin tone, but she still needs a few touch ups to look her sexiest best.


STEP 1: Choose a bronzer that is only 1 or 2 tones darker than your original skin tone.


STEP 2: Using a thick dry brush, apply a small amount of loose face powder (matching your skin tone) as a base. Do not moisturize or your skin will look muddy.


STEP 3: With circular motions, dip your brush into the bronzer. Make sure to get just a tiny amount on your brush so that it’s easier to apply it evenly. Dust off any excess powder from your brush.


STEP 4: Dust the bronzer onto your face- start with your forehead and go down to your cheeks, nose and chin. Make sure that you brush it on using the same stroke and ensuring that it is even.


STEP 5: Check your bronzer in the brightest light to make sure it is applied evenly and looks natural. Using a make-up pad, even out any excess powder.


STEP 6: Apply the same shade of bronzer on any exposed part of your skin to make sure it looks natural.


Style Tip: Use powder bronzers instead of cream based ones. They look natural and work well for any time of the day.


4. How to get the Boho Chic look: Deepika’s look throughout the movie is extremely bohemian and is inspired by the sun, sand and sea.


STEP 1: Minimal make up with a slight touch of bronzer is all you need. For the night, dark kohl used as eyeliner and kajal works well with this look.


STEP 2: Learn the messy braid. It’s a key look for the day. But at night, go for loose beach waves or a straightened bedhead look.


STEP 3: Your clothes will define this look. Pick out maxi dresses or skirts with tribal prints in bright colours. Jumpsuits, shorts and ghagra skirts also work well. Invest in a few tank tops or cropped tees to get that grunge/hippie look.


STEP 4: Throw out those heels and slip into a pair of sandals. Kohlapuri chappals can be paired with jeans or a skirt in the day.


Style Tip: Prints are a big part of this look. Pick up geometrical or organic printed tees, skirtrs, shorts or jeans to tap this trend


Are you ready to look like Veronica? Send in pictures of yourself getting this look and we’ll post it on our blog! Write to


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