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Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – We are all waiting for this movie, aren’t we? Apart from the cute love-story and all the crazy fun that the four friends have, what we really love is the way our favourite lady Deepika Padukone looks in every still that’s out till date. 3 different looks carried off as effortlessly as possible! And, we got down to scrutinize it, so that we could help you Get The Look of Deepika Padukone.



Preppy Nerd Look:


What goes beyond saying is a trendy pair of wayfarers! If you have got this to carry as effortlessly as her, you’ve got half the look.


Reach out for cute day dresses, denims skirts and flats, ballerinas or simple gladiator flats. You can choose to layer your dress/top with a pastel hued cardigan.


Keep your hair simple. A sleek hair band adds a girly charm to the look. Brush it straight and silky.


Steer clear from heavy or statement jewellery, bright hued lipsticks, kohl etc. A clear skin with minimal make-up (without make-up is more than welcome) and sleekest jewellery  – if at all, you can go sans jewels as well.


Don’t forget the messenger bag. A must-have for this look! Cross it across your shoulders to go over-nerd and don’t let the curve disappear from your lips, unless you wanna end up looking like the first bench-er nerdy topper of the class with soda glasses.



Adventurous Traveler Look:


This look is all about being carefree yet stylish. Little details like neon gloves will make you stand apart from the rest of ‘em.


Opt for bright hued down puffer jacket, ideally the ones with a belt/cinch at the waist to maintain the curves while wearing them. We love Kalki Koechlin’s fur hooded jacket.

A pair of stressed denims goes perfectly well with a down jacket. Opt for a stretchable pair for extra comfort while travelling.


Accessorize with trendy slouchy beanies, neon coloured gloves, check mufflers and sunnies of your choice. We love Deepika’s textured framed clear glasses and Ranbir Kapoor’s reflective blue sunnies. Very hip!


Your fur clad hiking boots can be a blessing!



Sexy Siren Look:


All it takes is a sensuous saree in chiffon or Georgette. Pick up a slightly transparent one for extra dose of sexiness. Black is always a hit!


Pay extra attention while getting your blouse stitched. This is gonna decide where you stand in the sexiness-meter. Go for spaghetti straps, sheer fabric, knots and more.


Red lippie, a rich wine colour also works great. After you are done with the basic steps of make-up, like primer, concealer and foundation, apply some bronzer on your cheeks. Make bronzer look sexier: Click Here To Know How.


Style Tip: Go bare neck for oodles of hotness!



Well, that’s about it. I know how you are waiting for this one to release. So, am I. Till then, why don’t you stay occupied with our awesome Holi Game – Pin & Win.



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Photo Sourced: Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani Official Page.

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